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I make a video and then I disappear, I’m trying not to disappear, I truly care about our rights, I wanna be an activist to inspire us all to play an active part in our communities, to show up, to cast your ballot, to be considerate of others and their futures as well. I am happy when others are happy, I live vicariously through others which makes their interests my interests as well, their well being is my well being and it’s possible in community that’s diverse and inclusive. I’m also fighting anxiety and ptsd so please be kind.


my take on topics that surround the community I am a part of too.


hen reality doesn’t match our dreams we get creative and live vicariously through our made up characters


A definite glimpse into the past with a touch of modern brought by a new hotel, the Circa, a place to listen to live music while enjoying a drink and only a stone’s throw away from the arts district filled with eclectic eateries and pubs. Definitely made some memories there and would recommend it to everyone to experience it at least once.

Only a stone’s throw away from the Vegas strip on the north west side, this little slice of heaven officially known as the Red Rock Canyon offers views to die for. If you wanna get a glimpse into the wild wild west or a trip to Mars this is the place to be and if you have the time I would suggest the scenic route and a really good camera to immortalize what could be some of the best moments of your life.



Join me in traveling the world within the comfort on your own chair.


having lived through a mix of eastern european, western european and US poltics I have a unique perspective to share


hospitality knowledge that could prove useful for those traveling


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