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“… as long as we turn a blind eye to the pain of those suffering under its oppression we will never escape those origins.” the writer behind this script is an absolute writing genius and I am so happy his work found its way to the screen to inspire me and others like me to do better. And it sure helps when they’re accompanied by such an impassioned delivery on behalf of Viola Davis. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the advocacy corner, and among many things I will use my privilege to fight the oh so present racism in all its ugly forms.

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I don’t know about you but I take my medical advice from medical professionals and public health officials. Among those who I DON”T take medical advice are politicians and conspiracy theorists on facebook (aka the de facto cesspool of social media platforms).

More pieces on topics such as CRISPR, a technology used in gene editing that see certain genetic diseases eradicated, MRNa and how it could bring a solution to ending the AIDS pandemic and so much more coming soon.

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What you see on this corner of the internet is subject to change. Just like me, it is a work in progress.

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In time as more content joins things will look a lot more harmonious and more compact. All and all it will make a lot more sense.

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The authors of these recipes will thoroughly be credited for these impeccable recipes I found that essentially made my life better, I truly enjoy following their directions into making something that I myself would never have figured out. I’m thankful to them for being open to sharing their experience and expertise with everyone who are looking to cook something for themselves and their families.

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Here I would love to highlight a few of my muses and the incredible content they create, content that someday I would love to emulate.

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