(While recording this my anxiety was a good 9 out of 10. The second part took approximately ten times to record. While not great, it’s a good start.)

The reason for why I chose to highlight this story is the same reason for why it’s labeled under its current category – hope. People like Kimberly Bryant are the people I draw inspiration from, they have the determination to succeed and include others in their success that I myself been craving and been completely jealous of, in a healthy way of course. With her initiative to pass her own knowledge on and include more women of color in the tech industry by teaching them to code we get to live in a more inclusive world and I for one am thankful to her and anyone who follows her example.

In no small part because of individuals such as herself, her daughter who she inspired to join the tech industry as well and so many others this becomes a safer world to live in, future wars will be fought in the cyber space, we need people to know how to code to develop better tools to protect us and we’ll have them to thank for that. I honestly could watch it over and over again because it makes me feel hopeful. In light of so many violence often directed at people with a different skin color I feel like we need more stories like this to highlight the simple fact that when given the support and the nurture anyone, absolutely anyone can succeed and our skin color plays no part, or at least it should not play any part in our likelihood to succeed, it simply shouldn’t be a factor. But the fight continues, the fight to get everyone the human dignity that everyone deserves.

A small post scriptum. I built this blog by using a combination of a well built and highly popular theme called Avada and a series of Cascading Style Sheet rules such as corner radius to make them round, add stacked backgrounds, add distance between elements and their borders and their distance against other page elements to name a few examples. If I could turn back time I’d probably go to school for web design. Whether I missed that train remains to be seen. I honestly hope that I could someday combine all bits of skill and experience under one roof and create a full time job that will allow me to self-sustain and be creative in ways I’ve been craving for so incredibly long.

Post post scriptum: If you wanna start your own blog, which most likely will be more popular than I ever could dream mine would be, just let me know, I’ll copy paste my configuration and you can add your own customizations in less than an hour.