Seeing people telling their story and allow themselves to be vulnerable and open about painful it was and still for some to be looked at different and treated different, being seen as less than the default which often times happens to be white and male. This british cricket player displayed incredible courage to tell his story in front british lawmakers about the unchecked racism that roams around in british sports. Now of course, there is racism in the sports of many nations, in this instance we are shinning a light and holding accountable the brtish one. He did not deserve that terrible treatment and those derogatory terms, he was worthy of support when him and his wife deserves a break after they discovered their baby didn’t have a heartbeat, he simply deserved better and his courage to speak up will change the lives the many of many that will follow in his footsteps and I for one m thankful. Thank you for being a trailblazer and I wish him much success.