bucket list

A dear guest of mine from years ago in one of our countless conversation had suggested I write down the goals I want to achieve, places I want to visit, skills I want to acquire and so much more and today after all these years I will start to finally listen. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my bucket list.

  1. Visit Hawaii and the set of Lost
  2. Buy a house
  3. Start a family, adopt.
  4. Adopt more pets
  5. Run a successful radio station
  6. Self-sustain
  7. Take a trip on a hot air baloon
  8. Jump with a parachute
  9. Skydive
  10. Fly on an Airbus A380. Huge airplane fan. Sometimes before last one get retired.
  11. Visit Denmark.
  12. Visit my honorary and sister I wish I had in Italy. Visit my friend in England. Visit my inspiring fellow cancer in Belgium and lastly but not least my adoptive family in Romania. All fellow romanians.
  13. Go back to school. Get a bachelor degree.
  14. Take an english course to improve my writing.
  15. Teach or be a guidance counselor.
  16. Run school radio in partnership with students. I think I should learn how to run it myself first.
  17. Go camping. With a tent. And the s’mores. And the campfire. And good conversations.
  18. Reach a new goal weight: 150 pounds. Build some muscle mass.

There is much more than that. It will be expanded as I go.

Items off the list wrapped in peach color background are officially completed and/or achieved.


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