There are times when opportunities fall into your lap but then there are times when you have to make them happen all on your own, this upcoming vacation is a combination of both. Had it not been for the incredible support of close allies and great managers I wouldn’t have found the space and time to reclaim control of my own life and set course for new things for me to experience in this new year. It can be quite challenging at times but the main goal should always remain to find enough moments filled with happiness and overall positivity to balance us out when the heavy ones hit.

For the next couple of days I will treat myself to a two-night hotel stay that I booked on points with a Hilton property here in the city of Las Vegas. It’s a gorgeous new property slightly off strip but with endless entertainment options. When checking in I will kindly inquire about the possibility to upgrade, preferably free of charge as at this time I am “traveling” on a strict budget. Besides a tip for the housekeeping staff and a ticket for the High Roller my options this time around will be rather limited. On the other hand I will have the opportunity to get creative and just pamper myself to a bubble bath, a movie on my laptop, record a 360 video of the suite that I’ll be staying in and have lots and lots of cute insta moments to look back to in time.

FYI. If you happen to travel every now and then and have a preferred hotel brand consider becoming a member of their loyalty program and if you have good score consider applying for their credit card. In fact that’s how this hotel stay came to be. I have had this Hilton Amex branded credit card for quite some time now and I’ve been using it for a vast majority of my spending earning myself points just enough to book two blissful nights in a Hilton branded Vegas establishment to feel like a guest for once and not a customer service agent. Becoming a member of their loyalty program is often times free and could earn you perks the longer you stay within that brand, perks may include early check ins, late check outs, complimentary upgrades and so much more. During the sign up process you can opt out from receiving emails though some may contain interesting promotions that contain compensated nights as a gift from your preferred hotel. I see it happening extremely often at the place I happen to be a part of.

I intend to be traveling prepared, my own hair dryer and shampoo, tooth brush, HDMI cable (one item I would suggest you bring with you or a Chromecast if you want to cast from your phone to the TV as most hotel TVs are not smart devices, they are standard instead) my insta360 one R camera and my vlogging camera. First day will be a low key vacation launch event and will be marked by rest in a comfy bath robe and if the stars align maybe I’ll get laid too. One my second day I will taking a walk on the The Linq promende and slip the High Roller attendant a twenty to a get a pod all to myself for a killer virtual reality 360 degrees video of the experience. Right after, a ride on the Las Vegas strip monorail will follow. I have lived in this city for three years and I not have had the strength or motivation to see any of these places but I have a strong feeling I will be enjoying them thoroughly and I genuinely cannot wait to share some of those moments with you. A lot of this motivation comes from you and for that I am grateful.

Please, I am begging you, stay tuned.