There will be times when talking about things will be difficult, talking to the camera, talking to the microphone, talking to a person may be a challenge but just because it’s a challenge I don’t wanna disappear altogether, maybe if I just communicate a little I won’t feel like I’m keeping it all bottled in to a point to where I can’t communicate at all. I have made incredible progress in the last couple of years and have survived and continue to do so, difficult times and I have proved to myself that I am bringing a lot to the table, among those things empathy, kindness, care, thought, time, dedicate, a genuine desire to do good and fix people so they could be happy without inflicting pain onto others and themselves. I come from a place where I continually want to learn and broaden my horizon in terms of race, racial and socioeconomic justice, a cleaner environment in a time when technologies are available to us and continuing to poison our planet at this point has become simply a crime and we have got to change our ways otherwise it will lead to destruction and further loss of life. I am learning about other cultures and learning just how different they are and trying to accept them for who their are and also finding a way to peacefully and respecting co-exist together. Just a few thoughts for starters.

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