Stranger Things star and fan favorite, Grace Van Dien has recently shared how working with some Hollywood producers may have shifted her approach towards the projects she may find herself attached to in the near future. It’s no secret to anyone that often times when navigating the industry the chances one would run into individuals in position of power looking to abuse it are quite high and even though Grace comes from a family of artists for whom getting opportunities should not be a challenge, she has not been spared of less than pleasant experiences and I for one am thankful she has not been shy to share some thoughts about it in saying she will be a lot more selective with how and where she decides to showcase her artistry.

It’s important to use your privilege and fortune whenever possible and seeing Grace do that inspires hope for others to do the same in a collaborative effort to change not just the industry but also the workplace environment for us regular mortals. Some comments called on Grace to name some names and call out individuals in a more direct manner but we all know it’s not so use to easy especially when the burden of providing proof to ensure accountability can be quite heavy.

In the meantime it seems Grace has been enjoying a sense of calm and patience more of us should be so fortunate to experience, waiting for the next opportunity while having low key fun streaming on twitch.

For more details please visit the EW article here.