In just a couple of days and two thousand miles east of Vegas I’ll be finding myself seeking shelter from a dear old friend of mine while I take a little bit of time to lick my recent wounds and perhaps heal my profoundly hurt psyche shortly after. I don’t know what the future entails and for now I am perfectly okay with not knowing. What I do know though is I will be taking some time to transform my temporary refuge into a healing space for both my mind and body. Hell, maybe I’ll even do yoga and meditate. At this juncture I am open to trying new things. And to achieve all that I have in mind I will be doing the following.

With a combination of stained wooden slats and vinyl wallpaper I’ll be throwing myself into a creative “do it yourself” type activity to take my mind off my recent personal and professional failures. After admiring the incredibly crafty work of various content creators looking to transform their work spaces I thought to myself I could have a lot of fun doing something similar. As far as creative opportunities go this is the best one yet to unleash my inner crafty little panda to play with some chalk and white picture frames.

But that’s not all. Accompanied by a few motivational quotes, starry decals, starry “sky”, musical notes and flow of life led strip lights, the new space will hopefully encourage me to once again resume making videos. One topic that frequently comes to mind is offering tips and tricks to score a better view during a hotel stay for instance, ways to avoid most common inconveniences or how to advocate for yourself against management when you know you’ve been screwed. Recent events have made me open to sharing some industry secrets. That plus resuming my online radio station, have a talk show, record movie reactions and maybe stream on twitch might all add up to a tiny bedroom sized media enterprise that I’ve been dreaming of for over a decade. Even though I haven’t graduated from the school of journalism at the Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj, Romania) I most certainly have learned a lot and would like to create the opportunity to showcase some of it.

It’s been said many times without ever materializing, would love for this time to be different. Have been waiting for the stars to align and for things to fit and be perfect without realizing they don’t have to be, they will be in the future but don’t have to be right from the start.

Check out these ideas that I found, perhaps some that you would like to make reality in your office, bedroom, living room or even kitchen for that matter. It’s simple and elegant at the same time.

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