It dawned on me while in the pod that I have never been on a ferris wheel before and while this is a modern version of it I think it well qualifies and makes up for lost childhood opportunities. One of the thing that stuck with me during the audio presentation while aboard the pod is that it’s only second the one in Dubai in terms of height so it’s safe to say at some point it held the record the highest observational wheel.

I happened to have arrived at the perfect time around sunset almost guaranteeing you the perfect lighting conditions to where the sky is not too bright allowing you to see the city skyline in great detail. Of course the beauty of the views around the pod cannot be conveyed in a video by any means but it could pique your interest for when you have a Las Vegas trip coming up. The High Roller is a must.

For a better experience make sure to watch it on a phone and or tablet and make sure to select the highest quality available as it often default to an average to save you data.