Pieces of general interests featured from main categories. Also, pieces I would love to hear your thoughts on.


Politics is part of my daily diet. My main news sources include New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, BBC and a few other publications. Definitely not an expert. Just someone who’s been impacted by political games in the Eastern European region where I’m from.


Thoughts with the LGBTQ community in mind. Also, my own personal journey, navigating my way through it.


Fiction and reality intertwined.


Being a hospitality professional decided to share some knowledge that could potential help the guests and fellow industry professionals.

Virtual Reality

Should I have the opportunity to travel I want you to travel with me making it possible by the immersive virtual experiences shot on my insta360 camera.


In this section I want to amplify and highlight the work of other content creators. I’m fascinated with their work and would highly recommend for you to check it out and a few thoughts of mine of why you should do so.

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