Home (2021)


Just like this little page right here I am a work in progress. Some of you may know me as their favorite twitter kid with a big but rather fragile heart. Some of you may know me as one of the best front desk associate in Las Vegas and some may know me as the sole host of a little live stream forging his own way to a future online radio station, name yet to be determined. Regardless, on this page there are many ways (some to be added at a later time) to connect with me and support me in making my dreams come true. All I ask for now is patience, please be patient with me.

Channel Subscribers

Placeholder for my next live stream. While there is no set date I know there is one coming really soon. I’m currently working on something really big that could everything for me and I need your support to do it all. Please subscribe to my channel and before you know it I will be live speaking to you all. Find my YouTube channel below.

Some of you may I am a huge fan of cooking whenever times allows it and one of my favorite recipes is spicy chicken pasta. Just so you know, stuffed bell peppers is not all I am making. From now I will be collecting my favorite recipes which you all will be able to find right here for your convenience. PS. You’re awesome.

Little by little all of these colorful sections will be filled with things that matter to me to the most. It’s work in progress. Exciting things are coming. 2021 has a lot in store for me, I know it.