October 18th, 2022
The latest public figure to draw nationwide criticism, especially from service industry professionals such as myself is James Corden, late night talk show host and star of critically acclaimed musical Cats. Just kidding, rumors have it it was complete sewage. James has recently revealed himself to be the kind of patron that most restaurant servers dread meeting.


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my take on topics that surround the community I am a part of too.

How I Got Bullied For Being Gay When I Myself Had No Clue I Was
Coming October 30th, 2022
When you read the ridiculous amount of human interest pieces, for one, as much as I do you may stumble upon those stories that trigger you immensely. For me it’s the bullies ruining yet another life. It takes me back to a time I don’t lots of fond memories from.
He said that it didn’t phase him, that it didn’t affect him and for all we know it could easily be true. With a proper support system to provide an endless supply of love and encouragements the odds will be that he will soon be able to tell those who hurt him that they did not break him, they did not succeed, that he’s still very much standing and being the self he’s always wanted to be. In these particular moments I’m not sure who I’m referring to more, him or me.


When reality doesn’t match our dreams we get creative and live vicariously through our made up characters

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Featured Spot
Coming October 25th, 2022
There can’t be anything quite as peaceful as the spot at the Red Rock Canyon. If you wanna find a perfect location to recharge your energy this would be an impeccable option.

Space Explorers | Blue Marble “We don’t see differences, we see similarities” | Quest 2

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"When we look back at earth, we don't see borders, we see land masses. We don't see differences, we see similarities" are words that will forever be imprinted into my mind. With the opportunity to look at earth from the perspective of an astronaut through the magic of virtual reality most certainly changes how one sees things, it changes one's perspective. The wisdom of those aboard the international space station is truly one of a kind and I wish more of us down here would share, the world around us would be better for it.

The Magic of “Realms of Flow”, The Most Unique and Visually Mesmerizing Meditation App for Quest 2

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There are at least two-hundred and sixty adjectives with generally positive connotations that one could use to describe the humans and the creations they bring forth and in regards to the preview below some that I would personally use are: hypnotic, immersive, magnetic, soothing, calming, somniferous when necessary (sounds like a word Sheldon Cooper would use), alluring, enveloping, enchanting, seductive (yes, seductive), captivating, fascinating, bewitching, dazzling and dynamic, and lastly but most definitely not least absolutely magical.

COMING October 23th, 2022
With endless issues among which we can find the state of our reproductive rights, voting rights, marriage equality, gerrymandering we have endless reasons to be concerned about a change of leadership in Congress that would very much alter the course the Russian invasion in Ukraine putting the entire global community in its most dangerous place to date, courtesy of a handful of republicans led by Minority leader Kevin McCarthy.


having lived through a mix of eastern european, western european and US poltics I have a unique perspective to share


hospitality knowledge that could prove useful for those traveling

COMING October 23th, 2022
Long exhausting travel, unforeseen expenses and other challenges could all be reasons to turn anyone’s day, week or month really sour with no energy or positive attitude left for the front desk associate looking to check you in. Whether arriving for yet another business trip, conference or just a long overdue vacation with your family or friends, …

Once You Book Your Hotel Room, Do This.

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If you happen to find yourself planning a business trip or a much needed vacation, now or sometime into the future, there are a few tips and tricks that I can share with all of you to ensure your hotel room and hotel experience overall meets your expectations and if you're lucky maybe even surpasses them. With a few hotel brands on my resume and six years in the industry overall I'd like to believe there is some knowledge that I could share with all of you and present some new perspectives, especially coming from someone on the inside.

COMING October 27th, 2022
Aside from asinine suggestions on how to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine from someone who clearly doesn’t know enough abut the eastern european politics, a potential takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk will change the landscape of social media platforms and how we perceive free speech.


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