If you wanted to know how my two day staycation came to be then you are in the right place. If you happen to have good credit which is a rarity and a luxury many cannot afford but if you happen to be one of the few fortunate ones consider getting yourself a credit card that offers points for spending that later could be exchanged to cover hotel stays. For me it was an American Express/ Hilton double branded card that I applied a few years ago that allowed me gather points through routine spending that I later used to book two nights at the Virgin Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, part of the Hilton Curio collection.

Whether you use the card for grocery shopping, utilities, rent or any other spending, by paying the balance immediately with your bank account you could avoid paying interest and get points as a reward. When it comes to Hilton each properties, each requires different amounts of points for one single night, I was somehow able to amass about forty thousand points that was just enough to book two nights. Virgin Hotel and Resorts has opened in march of 2021 after it was converted and renovated in lieu of the former Hard Rock hotel.

Depending on the main events taking place in town at any given time the amount of points for one night could vary but often times would be a bargain compared to how much it would take should it require a dollar amount. Anyone has expenses and should you be the traveling kind and could use a vacation every now and then, consider using a credit card that with good spending habits could help you get some points for some truly great stays. You could get a credit card that could get cash back as well but I for one would prefer a few days away from home, create some memories and learn more about the world out there.

There are plenty of other ways to get free or almost free nights, this just happens to be one of them, and by no means is this an endorsement of american express products. So far I have to say they have served me well and it could serve you well as well. I was able to apply for two of them at the same time and be instantly approved for both. While the first staycation has ended I am already planning the next one for sometime in summer, to decompress, to relax, to pamper myself, to feel taken care of and to recharge, a little desperately needed self care. Should you have any questions or if I wasn’t detailed enough about certain aspects please use the comment section below and I will see what I can do.