For the purpose of full disclosure I want to start by saying that I was raised in a family of meat eaters, growing up food resources were often scarce taking away the luxury of having options that most people in developed nations have. For centuries people have relied on a meat based diets to survive and thrive but times are changing, we are constantly reinventing what we eat and how we eat it and our reliance on meat is weakening as more and more people decide to go vegetarian as more and more plant based options become available. For one, they’re becoming more efficient to produce, the difference between plant based options and their meaty counterparts becomes more negligible and the cost of producing it becomes more and more reduced quite frankly giving me hope that maybe it can be an option in reducing malnutrition in many struggling nations around the world. World leaders don’t seem to be willing enough to solve world hunger but maybe a few private, while for profit, companies might be able to do that.

Whenever new significant advancement is being hailed as revolutionary a certain group of people seem to be having a lot of strong feelings about it. For some reason some people feel personally targeted and feel their whole livelihood is under threat, there is a certain egocentricity that some people are known for but worry no more, I am here to provide them with a reminder that this is not about them. Progress stops for no one and more options will become available, at the of the end of the day everyone is free to make their own choices but my advice to everyone, don’t closed off to new things, it may enrich your taste palette, it may serve as interesting conversation starters, winning all around but if you realize it doesn’t really float your boat that’s perfectly fine but no need to insult it, denigrate it and paint who happen to like vegetarian counterparts to our favorite meet options in an negative light. Often times the reactions I see in the comments are strongly worded and unnecessarily mean, I mean we’re still debating mask wearing and vaccination to reach herd immunity so in a twisted way it does makes sense but not that it actually should.

In a country where children are shot for sport by crazed people who never should have owned a gun to begin with to me the issue of beyond meat and whether it should contain the word “meat” in the name is really really a non issue. There are far more important issues we should focus on, maybe guaranteeing women the right to choose to be a mom or not and guarantee that they could raise one by being able to afford it, to give you all an example. Remember, the world is watching and this is just mortifying. I’m a foreigner (romanian/moldavian) I know what I’m talking about.

But to give you my unsolicited opinion on it, as this whole blog is, full of unsolicited opinions, I’ve tried the beyond meat burger with some guacamole, fresh onion rings, over roasted tomatoes, arugula and boom boom sauce (can be found on amazon) and it’s absolutely fantastic. I’m absolutely open to new culinary things and so should you. And at the end of this series of thoughts on the matter there is really no point in comparing them as they seem to be in different categories of food, while sharing common attributes or likeness they are very very different that could be revolutionary if we would all just stop arguing about it, remember, there are more important issues to argue over.

I would love love love to read your thoughts on the matter and if anything it will help me keep my mind off bullshit thus improving my mental health. And no, this is not a guilt trip, you’re human, you have the right to choose1, never forget that.

1. except when you’re not vaccinated and behave like a plague rat thus being a risk to the public health of your community you clearly give two shits about.