By reading the title of this piece one would think only a part of the community is in danger of walking up with less rights than they had the day before, if one would think that they would be terribly wrong. While hundreds of bills have been written across all fifty states in shameless attempts to strip the gay community of any sense of dignity and ability to express themselves freely without hurting anyone, the brunt of it all seems to be directed at the trans community.

Despite my best efforts to understand the struggle of waking up in a body that doesn’t necessarily feel yours I would not be able to do so, no one could possibly comprehend other than trans individuals themselves. Having said that, ensuring the safety of the most vulnerable members of the community is paramount, to push back against bigotry and ignorance could be life saving. To be triggered by stories of those who couldn’t fight any longer for lack of a support system and loving environment is soul crushing. If there is anything that can be done I would rather try, sitting on the sidelines is not an option.

The existence of the trans community is no threat to me, it shouldn’t be a threat to conservatives either.