In the image assigned to this post you can see lady justice on the roof of a building feeling all suicidal in light of the not guilty verdict that the jury handed Kyle Rittenhouse and I for one, can’t help but think of the ramifications that this verdict will have. For starters, it will inspire others to bring lethal weapons across state lines, pose as medical or police personnel, partake in high heated situations, cause loss of life, become a right wing sweetheart and most tragically get away with it all. The world had somewhat of a vague opinion of just how laughable the american justice system was but now, they will know for sure beyond any reasonable doubt. The only charge he could have been brought to serve any jail time was for the weapons charges since he was a minor at the time but the judge was kind enough to spare him of it all and make sure they go away, please read that sarcastically. It baffles me how judges can be so blatantly biased for one, and most importantly biased for the perpetrator of the crime for two.

Honestly, it hurts to see so much injustice.