There are as many definitions of fun as there are of people, it is generally based on everyone’s likes and dislikes and a few other factors in between. Mine is the little light over the bed shining on me allowing me to see clearly enough to write these thoughts down. Pampered up in a hotel robe, bundled up in a warm comfy bed while knowing just how cold outside it makes me think I couldn’t have wished for a better way to end the perfect beginning of a well earned vacation. A lot of things could have gone wrong but luckily most of them went a special kind of right. It may be another six months before I am this happy but for the next few following days I intend on spending some quality time seeing places I have not seen before even though I’ve been a resident of this city for over three years now. As you can tell I did not have to travel too far to have a good time while also feeling like a traveler. For reasons I would like to not go into at this particular moment, for someone like me traveling might be a luxury, economically, politically and culturally. For the first time in forever just being the way I am has served me really well, I checked in to this fantastic hotel, slightly off strip, had an incredible yet casual check in experience with someone that seemed to have a natural gift for customer service, and I should know because I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be told the same thing, I was awarded a complimentary upgrade as a courtesy afforded to Hilton Gold members (did I sound smug? I felt smug) to a king suite (in the sense that it’s standard room) with a strip view, while partial I am beyond happy I got some to begin with. It doesn’t take a whole lot for me to be happy.

This first paragraph turned out to be longer than I anticipated, I’ll try to keep the second and last a little bit shorter.

On my second day of this staycation, with all my gadgets fully charged I will find a credit card that still has a little bit of available credit to it and go on a high roller (ferris wheel) ride and record an immersive 360 degree video to share with you all. The last two I made at the Bellagio fountains and the Fremont Street proved to be popular and overall turned out to be gorgeous.. For the next couple of days I will assume the role of a tourist and see the city with fresh eyes. Should you be an avid reader of New York Times you may be aware of the endless rather frustrating events that are taking place both home and abroad which makes the necessity for a temporary disconnect so much more urgent. As mentioned earlier such opportunity will not come again anytime soon so I’m looking to take full advantage of this time I’ve got and allow my creativity to flow and simply create, whether it’s something written or on video.

Lastly but not least, this is the time to focus on my mental health and try to put myself back together after a couple of years that took a lot from me, well, I am reclaiming my time and my space for me to emerge stronger. A bit of a good news is, I am optimistic that soon enough I will be starting therapy. After seven years I am will once again have a little bit of extra help to try to identify and eliminate the biggest stressors, put some things into perspective and so much more that has been postponed for far too long. I am actually excited and just having this option gives me a great deal of optimism and overall hope. Nothing is a given and nothing should be taken fro granted so here I am trying. Somehow over the years I programmed myself to try and try and try again regardless of how many times I fail. I am not okay with failure, it hits me especially hard but complete capitulation is not option either. I’ve known people that chose to settle and watched their whole lives pass them by, I refuse to be one of those people, maybe it has worked out for them, for me settling is not an option.

Please see some 360 degrees photos of my suite and please stay tuned for 360 video giving a quick tour and giving you some tips on how you can make your hotel stay better.




Window Vantage Point

More daytime 360 photos coming.