While life goes on for most, for some it’s a never ending feeling of limbo and there is very little that’s worse than that, to feel like the future you prepared or hoped for no longer exists. The conflict brewing in the eastern european block may see millions in mortal danger and as someone who has known what life is in the region growing up this hits too close to home and can’t help but ache at the thought of the suffering many are going through knowing there isn’t a damn thing I can do about that. If this is hell for me I can’t even begin to empathize with the ukranian people and what they are experiencing these very moments. My heart goes out every damn day to them and every single empath that is using their energy to call onto peace and cooperation.

Reading on news reports, intelligence and various opinion pieces I have found validation in some of the statements I made about the russian leaders that recently have claimed that the country of Ukraine was a creation of Lenin, prolific communist leader, seeking to invalidate and rewrite events that already have happened. The russian leader that I will not be calling by name, is an extremely intelligent, cunning and conniving individual, often calls the bluff of the west and in his very evil ways has been an effective leader that oversaw the rebirth of their military might that came at a deep cost for the russian people with very little push-back. While some western nations have done somewhat better escaping their imperialistic ways, same cannot be said about mother russia. While most have been finding their way through democracy, the russian oligarchy has been very hard at work willing everyone into submission, constant propaganda and brainwashing.

While various world leaders are racing to impose sanctions looking to curtail russians from advancing I can’t help but wonder in a screwed up Carrie Bradshaw kind of way if we are witnessing the last days of existence of what’s been known to most as the country of Ukraine, a country that has gone through wars, famine, heavy political influence on its eastern border, political revolutions and overall perpetual uncertainty that now may all culminate in its complete and utter annihilation. Millions will become stateless overnight. Millions will see their identity erased, both figuratively and often times quite literally. Many reports have pointed out to intelligence that russians are seeking to actually kill critics, journalists, human rights activists, members of the LGBTQ community and while not surprised in the least I am beyond horrified.

While many are condemning these actions there are some that seems to be speaking from a place of ignorance and/or self interest, to name a few. Someone who will also not be named has recently called the strategies of the russian leader “genius” and there is nothing more appalling to call someone who murders his critics a genius. Scouring the comment sections for various media outlets often times uncovers uninformed, ignorant and plain stupid statements about the response to these horrific events and it becomes quite disheartening and plain painful to see so many lacking a basic sense of understanding and empathy that humans normally should be able to exhibit when witnessing an entire nation under attack by supposedly a world leader.

It seems some of the events that are about to follow might be unavoidable yet only time can tell. Regardless of outcome, the world needs to respond. Some country may feel comfortable stripping others of identity but I would like to believe that most are not. We need to show that there are severe consequences once one crosses a point of no return. The response has to be directly proportional with the utter ugliness that will be inflicted on millions that had no control over it or whatsoever. It’s imperative for the survival of humanity. If there is anyone out there going about their day without a single worry in the world they might not be paying attention when they most certainly should. Today it is the ukranian people that need our help, who knows who it could be tomorrow, it could easily be one of our allies or even us.

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