Most mainstream media outlets are concluding that the latest conversations between China and Russia foresee a strengthening of their friendship and a mutual willingness to combine their economies in deeper ways than ever before. All that to mount a resistance and skirt the economic sanctions imposed by the west (and most of the sane parts of the world) which were designed to hold the aggressor accountable for their actions and deter them from further actions. One year in and the war is still ongoing. We ought to question at this point if aforementioned sanctions have the effectiveness they were meant to have.

I see a country with a very rich culture but not big on human rights aiding and abetting one other that’s downright murdering people to expand its already vast empire with the most barbaric of ways possible, all in the name of power and money for its leader and his ass kissing oligarchic elite. A real life much more sinister version of the Red Queen from Alice in the Wonderland and her minions, only instead instead of beheading, you get thrown off a window while on a business trip. By this point we have all figured out which is which. And I should know, I was born in one of their backyards, metaphorically speaking. At one point I even spoke one of their languages. I refuse to speak the language of those who have tried (and so far failed) to erase my country from existence, though how close it has come I have to admit it’s rather unnerving .

If two of the most despicable people on earth are going to combine their efforts to build an affront to the west for daring to hold them accountable for their atrocities in Ukraine the rest of the world should do the same and call them out on their bullshit all the live long day in all kinds of creative of ways until they reverse course and respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Taiwan. The world has moved on, the world has changed. Wars have no place in this day and age. Those times are and should stay long gone. While skeptical on any peace talks while acknowledging the possibility that I could be wrong I believe our only recourse is a continued process of arming the ukranian army while isolating the aggressor and severely undercut those who choose to aid and abet them.

On a more deep personal note, it’s incredibly painful for a ridiculously sensitive person such as myself to see continuous loss of life, many of them young men and women who just a relatively short time ago thought they had their entire lives ahead of them wishing to live the best life that they possibly can with all the resources available to them which I should know, in the eastern european space, can be pretty limited.  Instead of unjust death they should have had at the very least, as a bare minimum what I have, while costly, a room that I rent on my own, I am relatively speaking safe, while struggling I am fed and clothed, paying for my own car and slowly but surely fixing my trauma that is unique to the eastern european space recovering from the ashes of the former USSR. But then again similar things can be said about trauma coming from plenty of other places too.

For me this was creative effort to keep my head above water and release some built up emotion. Let me know how I did.