According to a recent article published by Business Insider and then shared by Yahoo News, wealthy russians are buying properties in bulk to obtain a golden passport also known as a golden visa that will allow them to avoid some of the sanctions imposed against them in direct response to the russian invasion of Ukraine, a courtesy offered by the kindness of Turkish officials who said that Russian oligarchs are welcome as long as they follow international law and we all know how incredibly skilled they are at following international law.

Thousands upon thousands of civilians have been murdered at the hands of a madman with many more to follow as the war continues yet Turkey has deemed appropriate to continue business as usual with the ultra rich russians who buy their way around sanctions by paying in all cash and even gold. While condemning the war, Turkey has chosen to not participate in sanctioning the russian government for its atrocities against the ukrainian people.

One of the companies facilitating such purchases initially said that their clients were simply wealthy russians, not the commonly known oligarchs yet later walked back that statement admitting that some of those buying up to four properties in one breath may be oligarchs after all. While some would say they misspoke most of us would agree it was a straight up lie.

I wholeheartedly believe that one day Ukraine and its people will at last be free and the rage inducing willingness of Turkish officials to establish business connections with the russian oligarchs will not be forgotten or forgiven. In an armed conflict you can’t claim neutrality all the while continuing to accept blood drenched money from individuals with a complete disregard to human life.

Turkey joins a list of countries among which we can find India, China and UAE that refuse to sanction a murderous government and the world needs to respond accordingly, in real life circumstances they would be seen as accomplices, they need to be treated as such. It won’t be long until the blood would spill into our wallets and to turn a blind eye to it, it won’t make us any better than those who turned a blind eye when millions of jews were murdered at the hands of the nazis. All previously used sanctions and diplomatic efforts need to be thrown out the window and new ones to be adopted, ones that cut deep and last an eternity, albeit dramatic but also necessary to make drastic changes as the measures taken so far failed to stop the ongoing invasion.