Make me a good plate of stuffed peppers and I’ll be doing your bidding until the end of times, as they often say, love goes through the stomach and I want to believe that someday some random dude will try my stuffed peppers and forever be mine, highly doubt it but a girl can dream. Well, the young lady in the video has got that to a science, if she doesn’t have a man as a result of such a masterful recipe of stuffed peppers than no one else stand a chance. I love this recipe I would build this girl a shrine. Make this, add some corn, one thing that I do differently is I boil the peppers in the advance to soften the skin a little bit, pre-boil the peppers for maybe ten minutes and take them out to cool down for a bit before you stuff them and set them in the oven for another twenty minutes with some pepper jack cheese until it slightly browns.