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If you wanna become a patron, protector, cheerleader, defender, supporter and a bunch of other synonyms I couldn’t think of at the moment then this the place for you. Below, please find a few ways to achieve just that. But always remember, you never have to consider either one of them, your simple visit is a reason enough for me to keep going.

1Many of the kind people I’ve known on twitter have expressed support for both me and my projects and I thought to myself that maybe assembling a support system that I could reach out at a moment’s notice would be a smart strategy. If you wanna join, step 1 would be to signup for my one and only weekly postcard. Originally designed for Radio Signify, now it incorporates it alongside my YouTube content medium and this blog.

Current count at 26.

2Please consider retweeting whenever possible, especially when sharing posts I wrote. Please consider doing so when you think it’s worth sharing it. Consider leaving a comment as well. It makes my day having someone to reply to. I love conversations.

3Consider subscribing to my social media pages. This is twitter. This is facebook. This is instagram. And this is youtube. Consider tapping the ring bell for notifications, that way you won’t miss important shares.

7More coming.


6Consider collaborating with me for my video content project (YouTube). It would be a virtual conversation over a coup of tea on getting to know each other for starters.


5For those who’ve known me for close to a year now consider writing an endorsement of sorts that would attest to my dedication, motivation, commitment, determination to succeed, make progress, become the best version of myself. For those who know how important these projects are to me this would mean the world. Should you need more information you can always reach out to me in direct messages.


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