In a trend of ever rising rent and low supply of housing options you can’t help but wonder what lies at the core of this major challenge millions of americans face through the country every single year. Could it be the increasing cost of construction material? Could be due to restrictive zoning laws? Or could it be the opposition of various home owner associations that say they support affordable housing just not in their neighborhood because it could devalue their own properties and potentially cause them financial loss? Or could it be all of the above and so much more?

As the video below points out, the american culture favors cars over people, you see a lot more multi-lane roads and parking lots than you see houses, apartment buildings or commercial properties. It also makes a comparison and draws parallels to zoning laws, car culture, housing options in Denmark and how we could learn from them to make our use of space much more efficient that would save us time to spend with our families, save financial resources and allow us to take better care of ourselves by having a multitude of options to choose from.

As a european myself who’s had the opportunity to see a few european cities, mainly London I miss having options to choose from in terms of public transit, for example. I could take a double decker bus, the london underground, perhaps a train to Paris all within walking distance where a vast majority of tasks we need to accomplish requires a car with over half of trips done that are under three miles each.

In this category I want to highlight the work of other content creators, among a few things. I stumbled upon this channel by accident and found that we share many opinions, we happen to agree in many instances and it’s also incredibly entertaining to watch a canadian rip us a new one while making us laugh at the same time.

This is The Best Country in the World for Drivers by Not Just Bikes. If you happen to like their content consider subscribing, it helps a content creator more than you know. I should know, I’m trying to be one myself but when I’m failing at it I’d love to amplify the voices of others.