In between being investigate for his role in the January 6 insurrection, his role in attempting to overturn the election that clearly went in favor of Joe Biden, his role in hush payments and his beyond a reasonable doubt mishandling of classified documents there are endless scenarios that curiously enough end up with for former guy going to jail for a very long time.

One would have to have brain damage to not see his clear guilt in assaulting and defrauding the government of the United States aside from using the people of this country to enrich himself and avoid accountability, to reward him with a second opportunity to finish off the american democracy would be the biggest mistake that this nation will never be able to recover from.

I don’t know about you but I personally wouldn’t want to go to sleep every night knowing that my apathy for the electoral process has contributed to the former guy ascending to office yet again and avoid accountability for his clear as day transgressions to put it mildly. With all that being said my point of all this is, despite all roadblocks put in place to depress the vote, make it a personal mission to vote and keep the former guy from sending the world into a downward spiral with policies rooted in ignorance, incompetency, bigotry, blatant racial discrimination, abdication to religious pressure in a quid pro quo fassion that sayd “keep me out of jail and I’ll make all your wishes come true”.

If one thinks we survived four years with the orange guy we did not, people have died because democrats opted for sanity and republican could not find themselves to be on the same side and risk giving democrats a win, after all, they’re the antagonists, they have to be on the opposite side even it hurts and even kills their base. Some of us would like to think it’s only a tiny but vocal minority within the republican party, I would respectfully disagree, each one of them contributes equally but differently to a divide that finds people pitted against each other on something simple as wearing a mask or getting vaccinated, something that other nations have done for decades without any controversy.