Play this song as you read this piece.


He noticed him across the room with a smile that was simply intoxicating, he could admire it from a distance until the end of time, it was sudden, even though he felt resigned at finding the one, noticing someone he could easily crush on was not on the his to do list for that particular evening. He would later blame it on the good drinks the skilled bartender poured for him. As he was enjoying his second cocktail the voices inside his head telling him he wouldn’t stand a chance would start to subside. The confidence that normally would be dormant would come front and center this time around. For nineteen minutes he would ponder whether he should throw caution to the wind and ask the guy for a slow dance, after all it’s been so incredibly long that it made him think whether he would remember how to slowly rotate around his own axis in movie like slow motion. It sounds simple but when overwhelmed even the task of putting one foot in front of the other could prove challenging. But as his favorite slow song would start playing he knew he had no more time to lose and decided to throw caution to the wind and finally make the move. Normally he would be terrified of the slightest chance of rejection, not this time. For reasons he would later ponder on, this time it didn’t matter. He walks up to him where he was enjoying a conversation with his friends and extends his arm in a manner that signified an invitation to a dance.

X: would you consider a slow dance with me? He could barely utter he was so nervous.

He looked to his friend to the right then to the one on his left slightly confused and with a face that read if that was really happening. Against his better judgement he said “Sure” handing his drink to one of this friends.

They both advanced to the dancing floor and awkwardly embraced and after looking into each other’s eyes for a few seconds he said:

X: I truly hope I did not embarrassed you to your friends, if I did I sincerely apologize. It’s been about a few hundred years since my last slow dance and those were not the best of times so I thought I’d find the cutest guy in the crowd and ask him on a slow dance, have a do over. (with a slight smile) And I’m sorry it had to be you.

Y: Don’t be. And I’m not easily embarrassed.

X: Good. … Last time I slow danced I must’ve been twelve and it was with a girl. While others were having fun and crushing on each other I was that wallflower kid that high school bullies loved to kick around so I’m doing this for him, he has been through quite a lot. He deserves this.

Y: But you’re not twelve now, right?

X: Nope, I just like one every time I shave. (Both shared a brief laugh)

As the song would progress they would get closer and closer to each other.

Y: I notice an accent. What’s your story?

X: Well it must’ve been a very windy day the day I was born because everything about me never truly fit in the cold and gloomy eastern europium block.

Y. I would have guessed Germany, Austria or Check Republic and I would have been horribly wrong.

X. Well, I am knowledgeable and have traveled a bit, couldn’t help but emulate the best parts about those place and maybe I caught a bit of accent. Some are mesmerized by it but I don’t see it.

Y. It’s there.

X: (what seemed the worst moment possible for overheating) You’re sweet. I thought to myself I would have this moment to be present and forget there is a world out there. A few more gestures like this on your part and you could be given sainthood, St. … I’m sorry your name is …

Y. Alex.

X: St. Alexander, the patron of broken hearts.

Y. Broken heart? I’m sorry to hear that … but I can assure I don’t posses such healing powers.

X: Oh I don’t know, they seem to be doing wonders to mine. Even if it doesn’t last it’s nice to think that it gets a break from hurting.

Alex: Well I hope it does … last.


As the song ended, he thanked Alex for his incredible gesture and went to close this tab before soliciting the help of a uber car to get safely home while Alex rejoined his group of friends. For him it was a closed affair, no continuation needed, it was never meant to have one, it was not in the original design. One dance, one song was all that was needed. He decided to himself that a night out was worth the effort to get his hair done, apply a little bit of perfume and put on the nicest clothes he had in the closet. The car just arrived and as he was opening the door he felt someone slightly pulling him back. It was Alex.

Alex: I would love to continue that conversation if that’s okay with you (as he handed me a card with his phone number written by hand).

X. Sure. (with a smile he never had before).