Question, what do you do when the roommate whom you frequently give rides to work for screws up, misses his bus and inadvertently takes two hours that you could have used to get more sleep before a new work day starts? Well, you make the best out of the situation, you have some coffee, you sit down and you write. This blog has been revived for the purpose of putting thoughts onto the white wordpress canvas and find a way to process those thoughts to not cause so much damage inside my head.

After a long long time I mustered the courage to call the unemployment line to try to understand why after all these months I have not been paid for the month I was briefly unemployed in the aftermath of being dismissed from a horribly toxic work place, a reality millions of americans across the country share. You don’t have to watch an investigative episode on unemployment benefits produced by John Oliver (check below for said episode) to understand just how antiqued and outdated the unemployment benefit system is that in my opinion, among many things, has been designed to deter eligible applicants from being able to claim what’s rightfully theirs.

Ever since this pandemic started the whole process has been demeaning and humiliating for one, and incredibly stressful and downright psychologically torturous for two. You will waste hours upon hours, early in the pandemic it was weeks, even months, just trying to get to speak with a live person and not a robot that makes you listen to pre-recorded messages for tens of minutes each time, if you happen to select the wrong option you may have to call again, do the same lengthy process all over again making your anxiety sky rocket higher than a Space X mission to the outer space.

Recently I got a letter from the unemployment department asking to provide more information in regards to my previous employers, ones I had way before the one I was dismissed from, a process I already went through several times before, including the time I received a call from an adjudicator that later ruled in my favor and found I have cause and am justified in claiming unemployment benefits, I did everything I was asked, provided all sorts of proof to back my claim and several months later I am still operating with a gaping whole in my budget. Working since for 11 dollars an hour certainly did not help things (though for clarification purposes I started a much better paid job and one that’s not toxic on august 1st), only contributed to maxing out more credit cards, having car insurance laps and pay a fine to the DMV for lack of insurance and then cover the registration costs for another year.

I have made a series of poor judgements and should have planned better, I am taking responsibility for my own actions but what all this shows is that when you’re struggling there is virtually no space for errors, any kind of errors. While big corporations can use their losses to claim tax breaks, struggling individuals are stuck paying high interest because when times are rough credit cards end up being both, our savior in desperate times and our enemy smacking over our heads when we’re late with our payments, charging us late fees as if we got richer overnight and all of the sudden can afford paying them even more money. I can’t help but be both amazed and in complete befuddlement at how deeply embedded greed is in some.

I could go on and on but I digress, the whole ordeal has been damaging to someone who’s an empath at heart and processes everything through an amplified glass, I wouldn’t wish for this onto my worst enemy, nobody should be going thorough this, I can’t help but think just how life saving it could have been had our officials thought more about the people they represent rather their corporate donors, americans deserves a better unemployment system that doesn’t take weeks to file and/or receive said benefits.

In the end, the unemployment representative was able to make sense of the situation and has assured me the payments will be process within the next few days but then again given just how grossly under-equipped and poorly managed the whole system is, there is no guarantee about anything and additional calls may need to be made to ensure we get what we are owed. I was expecting a much more difficult morning but I am happy I was wrong, baring any potential setbacks things are looking up and against all odds I will do my best to keep my spirits up, work on my projects, shoot for the stars and do the best that I can.

Please have a wonderful day, if you do I will too. We’re all in this together.