In a world where the dangers are many and the pleasures are few it can be a pretty brave borderline adventurous thing to bring a new soul into it yet two of my favorite people on planet earth decided to do just that and I couldn’t think of two people better prepared for the journey of parenthood than those two. When overwhelmed by armed conflicts from around the world, some of them hitting too close to home for comfort, such moments of normalcy are incredibly welcomed. I am beyond grateful for this beautiful reminder of how amazing human life can be and I for one, am confident that this little baby will be safe, loved and nurtured by two incredible individuals that I have had the honor to call friends and family.

Anna and Eddie have been together for a number of years and before they decided to tie the knot I made sure to give Eddie the big brother speech. Anna (along with her brother Roma) has been the family I always wished I had, she is living proof that family is more than bloodlines and I needed to know that Eddie will do everything he can to protect this truly unique human.

When I traveled back home after more than five years away they were the ones to save me, while for most it would feel as if I embellish, for me it was just that. When I needed to feel safe they were there for it, when I needed warmth they provided it, when I needed to feel cared for they did so unconditionally. I am beyond confident that these two will make the best parents a child could ever wish for, for one they’ve had incredible role models and two, they’re empathic, intelligent, resourceful, loving individuals on their own merit, they encompass all the qualities and attributes that are necessary to surround a new human being with, for any other new one I would perhaps worry and be fearful for but not for this one, that’s how amazing his parents already are.

If you think that this is a way to congratulate the new parents about the arrival of their precious new angel think again, it is also a shameless way to lobby for an honorary uncle title. I am confident the baby is already spoiled rotten with love and care from family and friends but as I’ve learned it takes a village to raise a human and I would very much love to be part of that village, when it grows up and it needs a place to crash while touring north america or being an exchange student I will be there for him.

I can’t possibly predict the future but with everything I know about Anna and Eddie I have a good feeling about the future of Aris and it looks so bright it’s almost blinding. It’s been a little while since the last visit but once the next one is on the books I will make sure to bring a few presents with me, a pair of ballet shoes and a science kit so he could grow up both creative, artistic and brainy.

Happy birth day Aris.

As for you two, I love you more than I’ve ever been able to put into words, you will make incredible parents.

I didn’t want to be the only one rooting for the new parents so I reached out to my “village” that I am beyond happy to share it with everyone a little watching over. I asked them if they had some words of wisdom for this new journey they’re about to embark upon and boy did they deliver. Anna and Eddie, this is for you. Miss you guys more than you know.