In the interest of expediency and urgency of getting to the part that actually matters we are going to skip the entire lead in for this piece.

It seems nature is not the only waking up around this time of year, there seems to be a sexual awakening afoot as well. It’s been dormant, in a state of suspended animation, akin a repetitive course of actions that game sims follow when lacking into human input but today things seem to have changed. All of sudden the sky is a shade bluer, air is clearer and worth breathing, because you want to not because you have to and in case anyone is wondering why, in case the title didn’t clue one in enough, here’s another clue – I had sex. Mind blowing sex. Sex in an office chair kind of sex.

Now, I have to stress something incredibly important to keep in mind about me, I am a very reserved person, in some regards conservative, old fashioned and an old soul, what happens in the bedroom stays there, almost shy but when you take into account the all out assault on the LGBTQ community, the backward views on sex that are often used to shame people and control women and so much more I feel the need to share that perhaps it could serve a purpose for anyone reading to feel more confident in their sexuality and be in control of it rather than surrendering it to someone else. Also, I had sex and it was one of the best hanky panky sessions I had in a long time. There can be more than one reason you guys.

After getting blown off and tossed aside for days in a row I am now delighted, yes that’s the word I’d use, delighted they all did as this very solid dude with very similar kinks and interests happened to drop by my crib and show me what’s what in the art of sex. If I were to die tomorrow I’d be fine with it, it was that good, if it never happens again my brain has this drag of an ability of replaying life events in high detail that in this particular set of circumstances would come in handy a lot.

I want to be that private person that controls the narrative but I wanna be the sex positive role model that the sixteen year old me could have used and grow up to not be so inadequate and scared, almost paralyzed to meet someone, someone who  might also be brazilian and bite your fist kinda hot. I tip my hat for his skill and experience, that’s one guy who can do anything and it tells me I can be that kind of guy too.

Everyone should have that sexual experience that reminds them what life is about and how important it is to give in into those human experiences that sex happens to be part of. Everyone is different, everyone has a different sex drive, enjoy different things and no one will know their limits and likes unless they experiment in a sex positive environment based on communication and more importantly consent.

My personal philosophy is be open for possibilities but don’t push, let it happen organically, if nothing happens it was never meant to happen. It wasn’t always like that, but I am happy it is now. It was a long road to get there but I am glad I got laid enough times to do so. Now that’s a philosophy to have in an ideal world (ideal used very loosely here) when surrounded by supportive voices and loving people. A lot of cool kids of various ages have been good to me, here is me paying it forward. There is a lot of advice that I have been given and completely ran with it, paying forward is one of them. I am a billion things crammed into one, this happens to be just one piece of it.

As I mentioned above everyone should have that experience with someone who hits all the right spots and leaves you a changed person, someone better, with wings that when starting a new work week will have this “I got laid” kind of spring in his step. While gays can’t make literal life like our esteem female counterparts do believe you me when I say life has made today, life that most conservatives in the south and mid west will never know and just knowing that gives me a third orgasm for the day. Who said men can’t have multiple orgasms, pleaaaaaaaase.

Well anyways, to end this, one of the takes on this, you can be this businessy oriented, brainy and resourceful person if you want to but it’s nice to be treated like a whore every once in awhile, to give control to someone else and just be, you can be different, you can play different roles without them colliding into each other, living harmoniously with themselves. Sex alone won’t give you those firework explosions inside your head but sure as hell it’s an important part to it when one is ready, whether at seventeen or twenty-six. Those are totally random numbers, don’t think too much of it. I said … don’t think too much of it.

There is a whole of a lot more to be said and I’m sure I will if you leave your wise cracks that have been blessing me on the brag tweets I shared earlier. I’m having a field day with those, imagine how the comment section below will turn out to be.

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