December 28th. 2021

In the last four and a half years I have played a variety of roles, front desk associate, bell person, cook, bartender, houseman, concierge, each more diverse than the other and after the initial “please stab me in the eye” stage, they turned out to be quite impressive and rewarding. I learned to warmly and sincerely welcome a guest into an establishment, get them accustomed with their surroundings, ensure their needs are met within reason and appropriateness, and once their depart show them that you’re always there to assist should they wish to return on their next trip.

I’ve learned communication, cooperation, team work, I’ve acquired cooking and mixology skills that came in handy when my guests needed some sustenance and a way to unwind at the end of a very long day, I’ve learned to be a guide and make suggestions to enrich their stay and I’ve learned to come out of my shell and have captivating conversations about our respective origins, who we are and where our goals should lead us. Since the very beginning of this whole thing, it’s been about the opportunity of my life, to broaden my horizons and learn to live in a world that’s not entirely designed for an empath and introvert. Having this job may have saved my life, it gave me meaning and a sense of direction. Joining this industry has given me a world of opportunities, one of them being learning people’s stories and wanting to advocate on their behalf. I love helping and this is a pretty darn good way of doing it.

Throughout the years, with a definite certainty I can say that I have delivered an unparalleled level of customer service, because for one, I care, and two, it’s part of who I am, to ensure we strive for greatness and set high standards because everyone deserve the very best. At the end of each day, going home I knew I did well, I listened, I reacted, I empathized, I offered solutions, made concessions, bent the rules and sometimes jeopardized my job to know that I’ve done everything I could to offer my guest an unmatched service. Whether at my home or at the establishment I represent, my guests will be treated like royalty. Ones visiting my home won’t need for a single thing, they will have not only fresh, but new sheets and towels waiting for them, a big queen bed, not one but two TVs in the master bedroom, a posh business center, endless entertainment options and complimentary car and driver upon availability (that would be me, duh).

There were times when I’d be told that I was born for this, that I was a natural, I’d reply by saying that I am simply doing my job but maybe I was made for it, I actually love doing it. People’s comfort and happiness matter to me and for the most of the time I’ve loved crafting experiences by simply being there with the all the knowledge and expertise I have acquired on standby ready to assist whenever needed. It’s actually that simple. For most of the time. Though there are times when assisting a guest is quite a challenge. There are situations when I want to say “yes” but don’t carry the authority to do so, there are instances when I need to be blunt but hold back because diplomacy is better suited to achieve the best outcome and then there are those soul draining experiences that often times come from an environment of entitlement and impatience, and selfishness.

A respectable establishment will have a team of dedicated individuals that will do their due diligence and make sure they have the most accurate information to assist guests to the best of the ability, with that being said there are instances when saying “no” becomes a hard sell, more often than not, a “no” will stay a “no” yet with some individuals it opens the associate to a barrage of insults, rudeness and expletives. It can be quite disheartening to receive, on occasion, such treatment when you’ve offered nothing but kindness, attentiveness, empathy, patience, creativeness and professionalism, among a few things. Dealing with negative customers, to put it mildly, has become more and more difficult, it chips away from our collective faith in humanity. It overall feels like we’re becoming less patient and less understanding.

And quite frankly, I wanna be in less positions where I have to say no. There are more ways in which I could go above and beyond but feel rather limited. I would love to do special welcome amenities for my guests but in today’s capitalistic world every thing has a pricing tag and that’s just wrong. There are plenty of ways in which we can make it special for our guests on their wedding day, birthday or any other one of a kind of stay that would not cut into profits but this takes time and dedication and a special kind of attention that perhaps can rarely be found.

I’ve come to the conclusion that to preserve and build on my faith in humanity I can share the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired with an infinite audience that perhaps could use a few directions here and there to make it as smooth as possible from point A to point B for themselves and everyone that crosses their paths. To be able to do that in time I will slowly step away from being a full time hospitality employee and take the role of a digital concierge that shows you the behind the scenes in a manner that doesn’t get me fired from my current job as it is the ones that keeps the rent paid and bills covered. I want to continue sharing my knowledge in hospitality but I also want to advocate for my favorite causes, the union rights, the LGBTQ+ rights, the women’s rights, the trans rights, I wanna advocate for higher wages and for common sense for people to follow common health guidelines. Looking around I get disheartened and instead of wallowing in it I wanna do something about it. It won’t happen overnight, over the next month or maybe even year but this will now become my primary focus. I started with a selection of tips and suggestions on how you can make your hotel say better and it will grow over time as more input and dedication is added.

I’ve also decided that my heart, my health, my empathic mind simply deserve better and choose to find a better avenue where I could make a real impact and preserve the things that make me – me at the same time. I’ve loved taking utmost care of my guests but I think there are better healthier ways in which I could do that. There is a way to do it, there is a plan and it is going into execution. I guess I’m not quitting hospitality, as much as I am morphing into a different role within the same realm. At the end of each pieces there will be a different way in which you can consider to support this project. Before consideration make sure you visit the homepage and take a quick look at the everything I’ve invested my time in. This is incredible progress to me and I have you to thank for the part you played in all this. Thank you.

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