The latest intelligence reports point to a possible armed conflict in light of an almost certain Russian invasion of Ukraine that in some ways hits too close to home. As I mentioned in a few previous pieces, I was born in Eastern Europe, former soviet nation that happens to be in immediate vicinity and most likely to be greatly affected in every way imaginable.

This conflict that we are about to forcibly witness will claim many lives as ukrainians will not give up that easily and will defend their sovereignty with every single ounce of strength they have but at the end of day it might not be enough to counter the sheer force that the russian military is known for. After all they’ve bankrupted an entire nation to make it possible. A military that is capable to achieve their long time aspiration, reestablishing and create a new, stronger, more unhinged world leader, one that answers to no one. As I said before and can’t possibly stress it enough, the russian military is not to be underestimated, think of them as the typical kamikaze, they’ll sacrifice their own lives on behalf of russian mercenaries, also known as politicians and/or russian oligarchs.

Every single day the international community is holding its collective breath in anticipation to what feels an impending all out war that will trigger a chain of events that will ripple through the whole world, suddenly standing up to rogue nations will become a talking point for extremist political parties during the election season to possibly sway nations to go further right than they previously were.

To either allow and respond in a weak fashion for an invasion to become successful will serve as inspiration for other rogue nations to follow suit and capture land they think it belonged to them this whole time. It’s been over thirty years since the fall of USSR, some former soviet nations have moved on but some have not, hence the current flammable political environment. Russia and its leader intend to rewrite history and erase what they see as a mistake that never should have happened. For them, this is as much about the bottom line as it is about seeking ultimate power to destabilize the world so they could freely rule and seek the riches for the elites that seem to be tight-knit with the ruling political class.

The world needs to respond in the strongest terms and measures, Ukrainian president has suggested making the possible economic sanctions against Russia public and for the first time we both seem to be in agreement, in my subjective observation, President Zelensky’s demeanor has been underwhelming and his response has been weak which may point towards to heavy russian influence in the region and many of the former soviet nations have dozens of “made in russia” politicians that seem to row in the opposite direction either because they believe it’s the right thing to do or doing so for self-interest, many will not hesitate to sell their own mother to ingratiate themselves to the russian ruling political class. In Russia there is little to no opposition to its ruling class.

The world needs to respond immediately with sanctions that include but not limited to severed economic ties, isolation and banned travel, cancel energy projects and invest heavily in renewable energy, to be effective in holding them accountable we need to achieve energy independence. The world needs to learn to exist as if Russian does not exist, Russia cannot be a partner that the international community can count on.

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