Congratulations, you’re all checked in. To ensure a smooth stay there are few things you should consider doing and here are a few examples.

One, once in the room, familiarize yourself with the surroundings, see where everything is, see what the room has to offer, whether we’re talking about something as simple as a working TV or a safe for you to store your most valuable belongings. If you intend to watch TV every now and then, to decompress from a long day of work or sightseeing, depending on the purpose of your trip make sure you have a working remote. One reason for why you should check that everything is in working order is certain departments such as engineering, may have limited hours and fixing something that might be vital may have to wait until the next day which adds to lots of frustration for both the guest and the front desk that more often than not are doing every they can to accommodate the guest to the best of their ability. Also, since the coronavirus pandemic has uprooted our lives and turned everything upside down the hospitality industry has suffered like no other with many losing their jobs forcing some to relocate which in its turn adds to difficulties for certain properties to properly staff so that issues like lights that are out or missing toiletries may get missed and often times too late to rectify in certain instances.

Two, since I mentioned the effect of the pandemic on the hospitality industry certain employees may feel overwhelmed when pressed for highest levels of cleanliness in record breaking time. With waves after waves the number of employees to get certain tasks done may fluctuate and to properly staff it takes time to find the right candidate for the right job to reduce turnout and burnout, among a few things. Ensure everything is in working order and should anything need a little attention, it can be taken care of in a timely manner through the front desk. The longer you postpone reaching out to the front desk the less likelihood for a positive outcome to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Depending on the size of the property after a certain time there may not be a manager on property and even though the front desk associate at the time may be considered manager on duty not all front desk associates have sufficient authorization and empowerment given by their managers which normally should be the case but not always is.

Three, consider bringing some items with you, among them an HDMI cable or a chromecast. Most hotel come equipped with standard TV to which you cannot stream. Since a vast majority of people travel with their personal laptops, an HDMI cable could help towards a movie night and save you some money in the process, money that you can spend on room service or a drink at the hotel bar. I was a hotel bartender that more often than not only required opening a bear bottle or pour a glass of wine for my guests and the conversations just came natural. I’m not saying you should not purchase a movie but I love to travel with my own in room entertainment options and one question that I often get at the front desk call center is “Do you happen to have an HDMI cable?”. Bring one, it could be a life saver.

Four, familiarize yourself with the bath amenities the room comes with, it’s considered standards to have at the very least shampoo and conditioner, should you need shower gel or body wash or any other kind of item reach out to the front desk as soon as possible to inquire about the items that the hotel offers, sometimes the guest room attendant may not leave all the necessary items as in these times it wouldn’t be uncommon for some to experience exhaustion and simply miss paying closer attention during a repetitive process. Inquire within the front desk the standard amenities the room comes with, which can be requested to be brought up and which items you need to approach the front desk for. Some hotels have housekeeping runners or housekeeping staff that delivers throughout the day and some have limited hours. The sooner you are aware of what you need the better the front desk can assist you.

Lastly, but not least please be kind with everyone you interact with, chance are they’ve had an experience with someone who’s demanding, inpatient, irrational, inconsiderate already, being kind goes a long way and for some, me included, it makes all the difference, it is expected to have most rooms without a single issues therefore most guests will be happy with their stay and usually won’t leave any feedback and during certain times we will hear from those few that have expectation normally intended for other properties. Every hotel or resort is different, study it beforehand through google maps, the rating, the reviews, the photos, the area it’s located in, they’re all important factors in determining the likelihood for a fantastic stay.