Name: Gabriel Oliver DiLaurentis (chosen name, formerly known as Eugeniu Rubliovschi, soon to be archived once I legally change my name)

Age: 32. been told I look 12 sometimes, but then again last time I heard that was three years ago so I might look 15 now.

Origin: Tiny place in the eastern european block called Moldova, citizen of Romania as well. Not the best memories from those two places.

Location: In the prime place to be where rent continues to sky rocket eating away from our yearly budget in the name of greed called Las Vegas. It’s a great place, don’t get me wrong but it’s hard to focus on that when you’re living paycheck to paycheck recovering from a never ending pandemic.

* In the interest of making progress and have something to attest to that this is Version 1.00 of this page.  Links to the archived versions to be added at a later time. As everything else this is work in progress.

Pretty much untouched, except for an instagram filter that makes me look less like a corpse, and more like someone with a little life left in them still.